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valÉrie pirlot

Valérie Pirlot is a Belgian oil painter born in 1982 who moved to Bath thirteen years ago and lives there with her husband, daughter and son. She is inspired by light, nature and architecture. She has found in the city of Bath and the surrounding countryside a constant source of inspiration. Inspired by the work of the french impressionists, she works predominately in the great outdoors, in all weathers, and gets much joy from capturing the beauty of her surroundings with freshness and passion.

Working ‘En plein air’ encourages spontaneity and keeps the work fresh, avoiding the mistake of overworking and adding unnecessary details. There is hardly time to consider things in a conscious way - it is an instinctive and spontaneous way of painting, reacting to the changing weather and light which often produces unforeseen results. It is all about capturing the "essence" of a place in a few brushstrokes, but making every single one count.

Valérie is a member of the Bath Society of Artists since 2018.

She gives tutorials, painting demonstrations and works on commission too.

© Gareth Iwan Jones

Cold winter day, Alexandra Park - Oil on board

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