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rachel wilcox

Rachel Wilcox is an artist printmaker who studied at Bath Spa Uni, is a member of Bath Artist Printmakers and lives in South Gloucestershire.
Her present work focuses on printmaking with particular emphasis on etching.

Exploration and experimentation of the extensive range of processes & methods employed in etching are developed in order to convey the atmospheric landscapes of the South West coast.

Rachel’s images derive from sketchbooks and studies made en plein air in differing weather conditions and seasons.

Forms and space are evoked using textures and tones, the intention being to capture specific moods, light and atmosphere experienced at particular coastal locations.

Qualities oif light, air, craggy abstractions of natural shapes and facets are worked into the etching plate, making use of chance and spontaneous effects.

The etchings aim to convey fleeting moments of time space within the day and throughout the changing seasons, each with their own distinctive qualities of light and movement, texture and tension.

Sea Poem
Sea Poem #7 - Carborundum print 


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