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david hampton

David Hampton is a well informed and seasoned painter, and intense colourist, who has exhibited extensively in St Ives, Cornwall and in Bath as well as further afield. David’s penchant for colour both as an emotional or mimetic device, and as an abstract structural device, links him to French modern painters such as Matisse, the fauvists and de Stael. The imagery that emerges in David’s often starkly reduced compositions often has an oblique source in landscape or still life, being a product of a sophisticated sensitivity that draws in front of a favoured motif and subjects it to iconic simplification.

David studied at Kingston then at the Royal College, London in the early 1950’s (where he befriended John Bratby) he went on to study textiles and ceramics at Hammersmith. This together with teaching Basic Design and other visual disciplines n at the London College of Fashion results in a bold sense of coloured pattern that holds his paintings together.

From his pantheon of cited sources of inspiration David takes something of the ‘serenity’ of Matisse, the ‘mystery’ of Braque and the subversive power of Picasso. Specifically in David’s work there is a spatial relationship. More specific to the art of David Hampton however is a taut , sometimes indeed brittle formalism in which spatial relationship - both literally in terms of the way the picture as a wall- bound object influences its surroundings and illusionistically in the interaction of descriptive or abstract compositional elements - holds the key.

David Hampton bridges the gap between the life of art and the art of life and achieves what the artist himself describes as the “desired dynamic unity”.

Extract from the forward by peter Davies to David’s exhibition ‘A Life in Pictures’ at the Out of the Blue Gallery in Bath.

David Hampton

Indian View_acrylic300

Indian View - acrylic

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