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david brooke

David Brooke was born in Somerset but now lives in Dorset. He attended Yeovil School of Art (1972-75) and Hull College of Art (1975-78), where he gained BA (Hons) in Graphic Design. David is a Past President (2000-06) and past Hon. Treasurer (1995-2000) of the Society of Graphic Fine Art. He is also a member and regularly exhibits with the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts, the National Acrylic Painters' Association, the Society for Art of Imagination and the Bath Society of Artists. For 3 years (2002-04) David was the Arts and Administration Manager of the Yeovil Arts Centre, and for 4 years he was employed by the Octagon Theatre, Yeovil, as their Visual Arts Co-ordinator.

Themes for David's paintings often originate from mythology, although interpreted and embellished by his imagination, sometimes the pictures create the feeling of myth or folk-tale although not based on any actual story. There is often something of a humorous or quirky nature about his work. His earlier works are oil paintings on either board or canvas, in 1994 he changed to acrylic paint first on canvas and more recently on paper. During his career David has produced numerous pen & ink drawings and occasionally he works with oil pastels.

David Brooke

Woman with Cat on Her Shoulders

Woman With a Cat on Her Shoulders - Acrylic painting

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