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brian elwell

The early part of my career was largely taken up with teaching in a Faculty of Art and Design in Southampton, which did a lot to hone my skills by giving advice and help to students keen on being artists. It was essential to keep up my own practice, though quite difficult at times to combine it with the demands of my fine art lecturing and admin. I enjoyed working with students, though it was quite a relief to be able to move on.

I do offer a mentoring service for students of painting, and the first session is free, so if you are interested please contact me. No obligation to come again.

‚ÄčI have been able to devote myself exclusively to my painting for the past twenty five years. My work has gone through a number of phases in that time, as I have gradually become more preoccupied with ideas about history and change, conditions of light, and pictorial space, in an attempt to convey my feelings about the subject.

Brian Elwell
Brian Elwell

Memories of a reluctant hero
Memories of a reluctant hero

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2012 Bucheli Gallery Bristol
2008 St. Pauls Cathedral London
2008 Bath Artists Studios Gallery Bath
2005 Fusion Gallery Bristol
2003 Rooksmoor Gallery Bath
2001 Jelly Gallery Reading
2000 Victoria Art Gallery Bath
1996 Black Swan Guild Frome
1995 C.C.A. Galleries Bath


2012 Denise Yapp Gallery Cardiff
2010 Holbourne Portrait Prize Exhibition Bath
2009 Limner Gallery Hudson New York
2008 Holburne Portrait Prize Exhibition Bath
2007 R.O.I. Mall Galleries London
2007 Gallery on The Green Warlingham
2007 Fusion Gallery Bristol
2006 Webbs Fine Art London
2006 Throgmortons Gallery London
2004 Leith Gallery Edinburgh
2004 Red Rag Gallery Stow
2001 Artmonsky Arts London
1999 Drury Lane Gallery London
1985 John Hansard Gallery Southampton
1982 Morley Gallery London
1982 Ikon Gallery Birmingham


2007 Glasgow Art Fair<Fusion Gallery> Glasgow
2007 Affordable Art Fair <Fusion Gallery> London
2006 Affordable Art Fair <Fusion Gallery> London
2009 Meetings With Remarkable People Bath
2010 Direct Art Magazine Hudson New York


One Red Wall. Art Domain. Art Contact. London Art. Ginger White.
Phoenix Gallery. Artiizan Arthouse


Stephanie Cole. John Sergeant. Helen Noone. David Messum. Marquis of Bath. Salisbury District Hospital. Falkiner Fine Papers. Charles Pettiward. Southampton University. Southern Arts Association. Linda Saunders. Brian Roper. Starbucks.

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