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Bath Society of Artists annual open Exhibition

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2015 Open Exhibition at The Victoria Art Gallery


Andrew Lansley - Made in Bath

Andrew Lansley - Made in Bath




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The Bath Society of Artists

Guiy Thomas
Bristol Guild prize for a 3D work. Artist: Guy Thomas. Title: Cader - Medium: iron

Sarah Targett

Deborah Feiler
Left: The Bath Society of Artist's Graphics Prize: Sarah Targett, Title: 'Spruce' medium: screen print.

Above: Ian Black Small Painting Prize: Artist: Deborah Feiler.
'Waterfalling', pen on paper.

Money Wise landscape prize: Artist: Kieran Nash. painting title: 'View from the London Eye' medium: Oil

Rita Smith

St Cuthbert's Mill Watercolour Prize: Title: 'Tatemuse' Artist: Rita Smith,
Medium: watercolour

More Prize winners

Patrick McGraph
The Liz Hopkinson Prize for Sculpture:
Title: Hive
Artist: Patrick McGrath
Medium: Plywood

The Bath Society of Art Prize:
Title: 'Ref. 1201'
Artist: Lawrence Nash
Medium: Coloured pencil on MDF

Salley Muir

The Minerva Best Portrait Prize: Sally Muir , Title 'Gabe', medium : oil

2015 Open exhibition

Simon Hodges

Simon Hodges - Walcot Street, Bath

Oliver Bedeman

Oliver Bedeman - Ay-Yah-Yah

Maxine Foater

Maxine Foster - Pier 39, San Francisco

M.F.G. Martin - Something is rotten in the state of Denmark