Malcolm Ashman - Celestial Bodies - 23x25cm - mixed media - see Members exhibition

BSA A History Bath Society of Artists - A History

This book chronicles the changing face of exhibitions down the decades where a meritocratic mix of talented amateur, local and nationally-recognised artists ensures a broad and stylistically varied display of work. Society Presidents have included Philip Wilson Steer, Lord Methuen, Gilbert Spencer, Adrian Heath, Ralph Brown and David Inshaw.

Softback: 210mm x 155mm. 80 pages
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September 29th 2016 at 7.30pm
Richard Twose
"Thinking about History and Myth

I am Artist in Residence at the Royal College of Art. I am interested in making
paintings that refer to the academic history and mythological painting tradition of the sort I have often walked past in London’s museums and galleries but not really
thought about. They can appear a little pompous, but I began to love their almost heroic ambition and their veiled comments
on the political or social issues of the day. My images are influenced by contemporary events, myths and my own life - but only obliquely, so interpreting the image is notstraightforward.

I want the viewer to be able to engage with the struggle I always
experience with form and drawing; that play between subject matter and the formal, abstract qualities of the painting. In the end I want to make pictures that please and unsettle in equal measure, and, like a lucid dream, float on the boundary of comprehension.

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107 years of history

The society is steeped in history, having been associated with many well known artists. On our history page you can read and view pictures of past exhibitions as well as find out more about the Bath Society of Artists in general.

Pictured right is Walter Sickert in 1939

Walter Sickert

Artists gallery and shop

Here you can view many of the artists' work and buy directly online via Pay Pal. It gives a broad spectrum and diversity of talent to be found in the West country and within the societies ranks. There are also direct contact emails for most and links to their own websites so you can view more of their work.