Ben Hughes

Ben Hughes is a self taught artist working in oils and painting both landscapes and portraits. Bath features heavily in his landscapes, but he paints many cities and towns including, among others, London and Venice.

His portraits are widely recognised across the region for his distinctive style, contrasting realist subjects against colourful graphic backgrounds. He has exhibited widely across the south of England and is a member of the Bath Society of Artists. Prizes include the Davison Award from the Royal Society of British Artists and the Best Emerging Artist Prize and Viewers Choice Award from the Royal West of England Academy.

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To Boldly Go
To Boldly Go - Oil


Mr Li

The Yellow Shop

The Yellow Shop

Left: Mr Li

March 26th 2015 at 7.30pm
Peter Webster

‘Peter Webster works from a personal archive of images – which includes modernist buildings, museum display spaces, plant forms, speech bubbles, history paintings, website home pages, film and stage sets – aiming to forge new relationships between them.

Drawing, photography and model making support the development of these disparate forms into paintings where representation and abstraction meet and interweave. They include response to first stage sketches, developed drawings, cardboard models, diagrams and transcriptions; some are made to a plan, others improvised in response to process based discoveries’


The Bath Society of Artists was founded in 1904 with twenty six foundation members and it has grown over the years to a membership of around 120 diverse talented artists.

Many distinguished 20th century painters have been associated with the Bath Society of Artists including Walter Sickert, John Singer Sargent, P. Wilson Steer, Gilbert Spencer, William Scott, Patrick Heron, Mary Feddon, Howard Hodgkin and more.

Use this site to browse work by our members or download entry forms for our annual open exhibition.

Bath Society of Artists showcase

The society holds an annual exhibition at the Victoria Art Gallery in Bridge Street, Bath. This is one of the most popular fixtures in the galleries calendar and attracts around 14000 visitors as well as 1000 entries. This is an open exhibition held in the summer months around July and any artist over the age of 18 may submit work for possible selection and winning of a prize.
BSA Exhibition

107 years of history

The society is steeped in history, having been associated with many well known artists. On our history page you can read and view pictures of past exhibitions as well as find out more about the Bath Society of Artists in general.

Pictured right is Walter Sickert in 1939

Walter Sickert

Artists gallery and shop

Here you can view many of the artists' work and buy directly online via Pay Pal. It gives a broad spectrum and diversity of talent to be found in the West country and within the societies ranks. There are also direct contact emails for most and links to their own websites so you can view more of their work.